Dean Monterey
Senior Vice President of Global Operations

Dean has 42 years of hands-on, international experience in emergency management as a responder, manager, and special advisor to business and government decision-makers and specialists. His field experience is supplemented by an undergraduate degree and extensive courses in the emergency management field.

Dean has responded to numerous major public events and emergencies worldwide including:

  • 1988 - Olympic Winter Games
  • 1989 - Exxon Valdez oil spill
  • 1991 - Gulf War: assisted the governments of Bahrain & Qatar in dealing with the world’s largest oil spill
  • 1999 - Kosovar refugee airlift crisis
  • 2003 - British Columbia firestorm
  • 2006 - BC Ferry, M.V. Queen of the North, which sank losing two lives
  • 2009 - H1N1 Operations Advisor in National Operations Centre, NCEMA, UAE
  • 2009 - reviewed and advised on UAE national marine strategy
  • 2010 -reviewed and advised on Fire Rescue services for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games
  • 2011 - advised Alberta Government on business resumption after Slave Lake burnover
  • 2012 - conducted After Action Review for Government of Yukon major flood event
  • 2014 - Authored successful NEB TransMountain Expansion Program
  • 2016-2019 - advised on multiple major flooding and wildfire events 

Dean has developed hundreds of emergency response and recovery plans and strategic programs for governments and global corporations.

Dean is an internationally acclaimed speaker and instructor having presented at premier events in Canada, USA, Australia, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.



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