Our Services

CoronavirusResponse is a focused, specialty consultancy providing planning, response, and communications support to minimize the impact of the novel SARS-CoV2 virus and COVID-19 disease.

Emergency Plans

Don't have a plan? We can help. Have a plan? We can help.

CCERG experts have decades of experience developing and reviewing emergency plans. CCERG has model plans that you can populate and implement as a rapid solution. All the basic information gathered in one document that will guide you and keep your organization on track.


Manage Incident Command Posts and Emergency Operations

Our team of experts have responded to hundreds of emergencies all over the world for decades. We have filled roles from Commander/Director to almost every imaginable function. Our established Major Emergency Response Assistant Team (MERAT) stands ready 24/7 to deploy anywhere in the world.


With decades of instructional design and delivery from front line workers to graduate school programs, our team can teach all levels of curriculum and in a "just in time" method of delivery. Whether a hospital, school, retail establishment, government agency, or major industry, Coronavirus Crisis Emergency Response Group (CCERG) has the experience to guide you through any crisis.


CCERG has designed and conducted emergency exercises, tabletop to full scale, for major urban medical centers, military, government agencies, and for industry. A plan is just a document without testing and exercising. We are highly experienced with designing and delivering all manner of exercises within very short time frames to meet crisis urgency.

Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now a global pandemic. Communicable diseases are a serious healthcare threat. This has prompted a need to be vigilant in preventing the spread of disease by decontaminating surfaces and the safe disposal of infected materials. Learn More...