Wayne Stennes
Senior Vice President of Global Business Development

Wayne Stennes has over 35 years of experience in Emergency Management and Emergency Response. He has hands-on experience in responding to and managing a wide variety of industrial incidents globally, which has included First Responder for industry during the 1991 Gulf War Project in Kuwait, the 1993 Civil War in Yemen through the Yemen Government and the 2003 US invasion of Iraq through the US Department of Defence.

He has lived and worked overseas for the past 32 years, primarily in the Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions.

His work experience has included working with major Oil Companies in developing Emergency Response Plans, Logistics and Deployment Plans, Site Specific Incident Action Plans, Preparing and conducting Incident Command System (ICS) Training & Tabletop Exercises, as well as conducting Major Emergency Response Training Programs.

He has held Senior Command positions on Incident Command Teams as well as managing Emergency Operations Centers (EOC’s) with major organizations.

He has worked with Regional Governments and Government entities in developing and implementing Major Emergency Response Plans. 



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